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Steel structures

A leader in the manufacture of steel structures

ZEKON sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of steel structures composed of:

  • SIN corrugated web I-beams
  • cold- and hot-rolled profiles
  • welded straight and tapered sections

The production process was completely modernised and computerised using software of the Belgium company SCIA, which operates the automated production line for SIN corrugated web I-beams and numerically controlled devices.

Data is exchanged using an internal computer network, which enables full identification and monitoring of all production process stages – from registration of inquiries and orders and receipt of workshop electronic documentation, to labelling of products and management of the loading process.

SIN profilekonstrukcje_dzwigar_sin

Welded section


Hot rolled beams


Cold rolled hollow sections


Tube construction



On the realizations page you can find photo-galleries of selected projects.