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Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Identification of SIN beams


Example of identification of atypical SIN beams (with convergent web and with diverse flanges)::

  •  SIN beam with convergent web. WTA 1250-500 / 300 x 15
  •  SIN beam with diverse flanges. WTA 1250 / 300 x 15 / 300 x 20


 Web dimensions

  •  Web height: : 333mm, 500mm, 625mm, 750mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500 mm and convergent webs (convergence from 250mm to 1250mm)
  •  Web thickness: for A = 2mm; for B = 2,5mm; for C = 3mm


  •  Min. Width: 140mm
  •  Max. Width: 430mm
  •  Min. thickness: 6mm
  •  Max.thickness: 30mm

 Length of beams

  •  Min. Length: 4000mm
  •  Max. Length: 16000mm


For additional payment it’s possible to produce beams with diverse dimensions of the web, flanges and length bellow 4000mm and more than 16000mm.

 Steel grade

Flanges: S235JRG2 acc. to EN 10025 and/or S355J2+N
Web: S235JRG2
All the other steel grades are treated as special steel grade. For the web 3mm (WTC) it’s possible to use high strength material S355J2+N